Beavertail Lighthouse and Park - Jamestown Rhode Island

The southernmost part of Conanicut Island is known as Beavertail, for its shape on the map. This rocky, windswept point looks south to the open Atlantic Ocean and separates the East and West Passages of Narragansett Bay. It has hosted beacons and lighthouses since at least 1705. The current lighthouse was built in 1856.

The lighthouse and the area around it is part of the Rhode Island park system. It includes a lighthouse museum, grassy, wooded and rocky areas as well as walking and biking paths. The rocky perimeter can be a place for peaceful contemplation or energetic climbing and exploration.

This place, where land and sea meet so vigorously, inspires a special awareness of nature's powers. It offers abundant evidence of the determination of life to endure, and even thrive, in difficult environments.


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