Geological History of Jamestown, Rhode Island

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The geological and climate history information on this website was compiled by David A. Butler with the aid of numerous published and unpublished sources of information.  The following references offer additional information on various topics and introduce others of general interest.

Earth's history, continental movement and the evolution of life.

Continental Movements Since Pangaea - Shock Dynamics?
Shock Dynamics: Impact-powered continental drift.
An alternative to plume-powered plate tectonics?

New England and North American Geological History

Jamestown Geology and Comprehensive Land Use Planning



Dr. Michael J. Pidwerny, Department of Geology, Okanagan University College, British Columbia, Canada has developed a course entitled "Fundamentals of Physical Geography". His extensive, highly readable online textbook includes the following topics.

If you are interested in learning more about glaciation, a Hypertext Reference for Major Topics in Glaciology and Glacial Geology may be right for you. Developed by Dr. William W. Locke, Geology Department of Earth Sciences, Montana State University, Bozeman, MT; this site employs a menu that leads to discussions of a dozen major topics - each presented at both an introductory and advanced level. This arrangement allows easy movement between topics and facilitates exploring at the level that best meets your needs. To sample the type of information in the database, here is the Overview page.

Climate change, past, present and future

Worried about global warming? KIHZ chart below shows 11,000 years of northern hemisphere temperature swings:

Do you suspect the issues are far more complex than the evening news admits?

Do you wonder about the possibility of global cooling?

Get perspective and facts here:

Dr. R. Timothy Patterson, Department of Earth Sciences, Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada offers a web-based course on Climate Change from a Geological Perspective.

This material, developed for an earlier course, is posted online and offers extensive coverage of the history of glaciation as part of a rich, systems-oriented look at the history of world climate change. Arranged in slide-show format, it will take an hour or more to view all of the slides; but you will find much information not covered in other references.

If you would like to register for Dr. Patterson's current online course click on this link.

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Introduction and Summary: 565 Million Years of Jamestown's Geological History
Prelude: The Earth's first 4 billion years - forming Proto North America, Rodinia, Gondwana
Avalonia: Rhode Island was once part of a micro-continent called Avalonia
Acadian Orogeny: Avalonia collides with the mainland of Proto North America (Laurentia)
Alleghenian Orogeny: North America collides with Africa, forming Pangaea
The Atlantic Forms: Pangaea breaks up, the Atlantic forms, the Appalachians erode
Glaciation: Glaciers form and rework the land
The Holocene Epoch: Post-glacial Rhode Island - rising seas - the time of modern man
Building the Northern Appalachians: Significant event summaries with links to more information
Guide to Bedrock in and around Jamestown and Narragansett Bay
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